On the sunny side of the street

Hi everyone!
I was very happy to receive a request for the music score for this video as well.

This song is famous for its performance by James Booker.
However, this pianist’s hands are extremely large, and he has amazing technique.

I’m a big Dr.John fan, but unfortunately he doesn’t play this song. (Maybe.)
So this time I tried arranging it with a Dr. John vibe.
He often plays these bouncy songs with a near-even rhythm.
I think it’s best to play without the urge to bounce.

Feel free to change difficult phrases in your own way when performing. Doing so will surely bring out your personality and make for a better performance.

If you find a mistake in the sheet music, it would be helpful if you could let me know in the YouTube comments.

Sheet music – On the sunny side of the street – New Orleans Style Piano Arrangement